Sunday, October 17, 2010

Week 4 of training

Week 4 was beautiful! My mom and Hank flew into the DR for some vacation time with us and to also help watch the girls during our Annual Fall Staff Retreat. My mom, Hank, Alan, me and the girls left for the beach on Saturday and spent a few days relaxing before the rest of the staff joined us for the retreat.

Here's a beautiful picture of the shore line that I trained on for the week!

Monday: 3.5 miles
Tuesday: 2 miles- my ipod died after just 1/2 mile, thankful there was such beautiful creation to admire!
Um, yeah- so that's all I did that week at the beach! The retreat began Tuesday afternoon and lasted until Friday. It was a wonderful time with the staff- running def. took a backseat this week.
Saturday: We returned home to Santiago and I promptly laced up my shoes and hit the pavement! My first 5 mile run in the DR!

Total miles ran week 4: 10.5 miles

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