Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Welcome Carmelo!

We are pumped to have Carmelo on our running team! Carmelo has competed in the Ironman Triathalon and has been on a couple medical mission trips to the D.R. with G.O.! It will be a blessing and an honor to run with him on December 15th for the Hoover Dam 1/2 marathon. When you support him, you are supporting us and G.O. Ministries and the work being done in the D.R. and Haiti!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Welcome Mom!

This lady is running a MARATHON to support our work in the D.R. and Haiti! I am so proud of my mom for her dedication to supporting what God is doing through G.O.!  When you support my mom in her training or her race you will be partnering with us to redeem, renew and restore on the island of Hispaniola!

My mom is running the Hoover Dam Marathon December 15 with our team!

Way to G.O. Mom!!

Welcome Bianca!

Welcome Bianca Ferrari to our running team! Bianca served as short-term team member in the D.R. and Haiti with South Hills. She has such a big heart for kids and ministry in Haiti! She will be running the 7 miles Las Vegas downtown Glow Run on October 7th and possibly the Hoover Dam 1/2 Marathon on December 15th! By supporting Bianca in her training and runs you'll be supporting our work with G.O. Ministries in the Dominican Republic and Haiti!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Welcome Ashlee!

I am so thrilled that Ashlee Williams is joining our running team. She is a wonderful mommy of 4 kiddos! She is also part of our family- married to my cousin for over 5 years, yet somehow, I only met her for the first time last November! (I know!) I am so looking forward to training with Ashlee when I get back to Vegas in October. She'll be running the Hoover Dam 1/2 marathon with me on December 15, 2012!

Ashlee says, "I am so excited to run for his glory because i want to run for more than my own personal satisfacion. I am excited to push myself farther than i have ever gone before. i know that i can do anything through christ who gives me strength and i am excited to be able to use this as a testimony to that.  One year after giving birth to my fourth child i WILL complete a 1/2 marathon and all the Glory will be his! I cant wait!"

Thank you so much Ashlee to committing to run for His glory and help us raise funds for our Kingdom work. See you in October!