Monday, August 13, 2012

Welcome Ashlee!

I am so thrilled that Ashlee Williams is joining our running team. She is a wonderful mommy of 4 kiddos! She is also part of our family- married to my cousin for over 5 years, yet somehow, I only met her for the first time last November! (I know!) I am so looking forward to training with Ashlee when I get back to Vegas in October. She'll be running the Hoover Dam 1/2 marathon with me on December 15, 2012!

Ashlee says, "I am so excited to run for his glory because i want to run for more than my own personal satisfacion. I am excited to push myself farther than i have ever gone before. i know that i can do anything through christ who gives me strength and i am excited to be able to use this as a testimony to that.  One year after giving birth to my fourth child i WILL complete a 1/2 marathon and all the Glory will be his! I cant wait!"

Thank you so much Ashlee to committing to run for His glory and help us raise funds for our Kingdom work. See you in October!

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