Monday, May 2, 2011

1 Day. 2 Events. 1 Purpose. To Bring Him Glory!

We are so grateful for the support and encouragement we received from our races this past weekend. It was an incredible day filled with so many blessings as me, my mom, Alan, and Mark ran in the Kentucky Derby Marathon Relay team while Rebekkah Gathright ran in the Nashville Music City 1/2 Marathon.

It is an honor for us to do this for His glory. We love being able to share the vision of G.O. and what God is doing to redeem people, renew communities, and restore creation. HE IS GOOD!!!!!

"Running this half marathon was a great experience for me.  During the race I focused on all the reasons why I run for His glory!  There are too many to name.  The only bad part was that the race ended too soon!  I had a blast and finished with a time of 2:16!  Being a part of this ministry has blessed me." 
Rebekkah Gathright, I Run For His Glory team member

Alan, Jackie, Sheila, Mark: I Run For His Glory team members

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Alan and Jackie

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