Saturday, December 4, 2010

Welcome Mark Brockman!!

We have a new runner that has joined our team. Welcome Mark Brockman. I (Jackie) met Mark and his wife Judy when I came down on a short-term trip to the DR & Haiti and worked alongside of his team from Crestwood Baptist Church in Louisville, KY. We share so many wonderful memories of serving together the people in Santa Lucia.

When I flew to KY to interview with Brook Brotzman, President of G.O. it was the end of November and Mark and Judy took me to a local fish restaurant and to an event called "Light Up LaGrange, KY."

At that little fish place I heard for the first time Mark's story about how he began to run with Second Chance Racing. and I was inspired! He gave me hope that I could run too!

When I finally got out there and started running Mark and I kept talking about running together and finally last year when their team came to the DR we hit the streets of Santiago together... Now he is committing to Run For His Glory!

We will be running the KY Derby Marathon as a relay team!

"I love to run because God has given me the opportunity. Eight years ago, I had a heart attack. God chose to spare my life and I know He has a purpose for me in serving Him. He allows me to run and it has given me not only a healthier lifestyle, but great chances to share the Good News along the way. Running is a great sport because it doesn’t take much talent. You just put one foot in front of the other. I can handle that. :) When I am training, I get to observe God’s creation in the outdoors and have time to take advantage of one-on-one time with my Holy Father. Being able to complete endurance events like marathons and duathalons is a real gift. I don’t take it for granted." -Mark Brockman


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