Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Training Update

Weeks 6-11: (Oct. 17- Nov. 27)
We hit a few rough weeks during this time. We moved to a new house and I was "warned" not to run through my new neighborhood... doesn't make one feel to safe now does it? I ran only once in that week. The following week we were broken into. Read that story here. I didn't run that week. We decided to move back to our old house. I ran once that week. And that would bring us to the current week...
(last Friday- 7 miles)
Saturday- day off
Sunday- 4 miles
Monday- day off
Tuesday- 9 miles
Upcoming Wednesday- 2 miles- will run tomorrow
Upcoming Thursday- Thanksgiving- 5 miles
Upcoming Friday- 60 minutes cross-training
Upcoming Saturday- 10 miles

Just 12 more days until race day!!

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